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Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

Luminus Diagnostics clinical chemistry testing platforms, coupled with our technology platform, allows the routine and esoteric blood chemistries to be ordered and delivered expediently for improved patient care.

Luminus Diagnostics helps physician’s design custom testing panels delivering a comprehensive view of patients’ health. Our insights and results assist physician’s in designing personalized health plans for patients.

Customized test panels include:

  • Comprehensive Wellness Panel

  • Hormone Panel – Male and Female

  • Pain Hormone Panel

  • Microbiology

  • Hematology

  • Comprehensive STD Panel

  • Diabetes Panel

  • Fatigue Panel

  • Blood Allergy

Luminus Diagnostics provides convenient and responsive diagnostic lab services to physicians’ offices, in-office phlebotomies and patients residing at nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes and independent living facilities.Patients who are unable to visit a laboratory can call their physician or healthcare agency to arrange services by one of our trained phlebotomists.


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