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Providing solutions for unmet healthcare needs through innovation, teamwork and partnership and fulfilling Standard Med’s corporate purpose of "Raising the standard of healthcare, and delivery for all people”. 


Business Partnership

Standard Med Systems is an innovation center, and an technology leader in specialized fields of research. We value external partnership to synergize internal research and development activities.
Partnership can only be successful if the specific needs of both parties are addressed. We strive hard to fulfill the promise of innovation via successful collaborations.
Research and development collaborations have been established with leading international academic and industrial partners for most technology programs. These represent a broad range of collaborative and licensing transactions.

What We Offer

Partners have access to an experienced technology development and commercialization organization with over 25 years of experience and a customer base around the world. This helps Standard Med and our partners identify medical needs to develop superior solutions that maximize return on the partnership.
In an environment specifically designed to nurture new medical technology opportunities and businesses, Standard Med BioVentures Centers, provide early-stage companies access to a world-class bioresearch infrastructure that includes state-of-the-art laboratories equipment, and business services, as well as the opportunity to connect with Standard Med scientists from around the globe. Fueled by these resources and venture capital funding, high-potential biotech companies have from six months to two years to "incubate" and evolve into full-fledged businesses.

Partnership Opportunities

No single organization can develop all of the next generation technologies and processes required to remain competitive in the market. External collaboration is therefore an important part of our business development, complementing internal technical capabilities. We seek partners with proprietary technologies and innovative projects in Standard Med’s fields of interest.


Multi-disciplinary scientists and state-of-the-art facilities make Standard Med a valuable partner for companies who wish to out-source technology development. We are fully committed to licensed programs and treat them like our own.
Standard Med also out-licenses selected technologies to development and commercial partners.
Standard Med actively seeks opportunities for collaboration and licensing. Please contact Business Development to discuss opportunities. Please note that at these initial stages of discussion, we cannot accept confidential information.



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