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  • Two Twelve Degrees is approved for a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract with the General Services Administration (GSA).

  • Two Twelve Degrees is a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE, DBE, SBE, WBE) with clients spanning all practice areas. Two Twelve is certified with a number of state and municipal authorities.

Our Customer-Centric Philosophy
  • Select Clients, More Attention

  • Commitment Beyond Contract

  • Humanity, Humility and Integrity

Our History
  • Established 1999

  • HQ. Orange County, CA

  • 25,000+ Employees

  • 140+ Global 1000 Clients

Global Presence
  • 25 Countries

  • 42 Operating Centers and 34 Delivery Centers

  • USA, Spain, UK, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Israel, India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina

Industry Verticals
  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Technology, Media & Telecom

  • Semiconductors

Three Guiding Principles Across Solutions

Safety and Wellness

Take proactive measures to adequately follow health and safety guidelines

  • Enable layers of protection

  • Proactive health risk questionnaire

  • Help keep sick people at home

  • Wellness bands with alert system*

  • Enable fast identification of symptomatic people

Risk Mitigation

Avoid disruption, damaged reputation and financial exposure

  • Ease of use and minimize opportunity for human error

  • Reportable tracking

  • Alerts to highlight potential need for sanitation protocols to be followed

  • Information to assist with communication

Privacy and Data Security

Address privacy concerns and keep data secure

  • PHI and PII data encrypted

  • Customer controlled access to data

  • PHI data will not be shared without consent

  • Cybersecurity protocols and monitoring

*UST Global wellness devices are not medical devices and should not be used as a diagnostic tool

Comprehensive Solution Follows CDC and Public Health Guidelines

Health screening for all personnel and students with the UST mobile application. Automated processing
and messages.

Wellness alerts*, social distancing alerts and contact tracing reports with UST wellness wrist bands and walk through scanners.

Administrator Dashboard to review alerts and provide insight utilizing UST application.

PPE Supplies to minimize exposure and assist with infection prevention. (MYB - partner)

*UST Global wellness devices are not medical devices and should not be used as a diagnostic tool

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CDC Health Screening

Rapid Reaction, Swift Communication
  • Mobile application

  • Immediate Response

  • Complete as often as designated by facility

  • Monitoring of compliance

UST Wellness Band and Alert System

Rapid Reaction, Swift Communication
  • Social distancing and contact tracing monitors where individuals are and provides social distancing violation alerts**

  • Sends alerts when there is an indicator of a temperature elevation above 100.4 Degrees*

  • In addition to body temperature*, wellness bands monitor individual fitness information including heart rate, oxygen

  • saturation, fitness activity and sleep for personal use

    • * Fitness activity includes steps, distance, calories burned and active time.

  • Upon indication of symptom, alerts personnel or student to self isolate and stay home before coming to school, office or facility

  • Notifies principal, teacher or coach to plan ahead for absence via the dashboard

  • Alerts assist with a proactive response and, when appropriate, recommend individuals to isolate and follow sanitation protocols

**Social distancing violation alerts can’t be utilized when all persons are not wearing a band
*UST Global wellness devices are not medical devices and should not be used as a diagnostic tool

Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

Rapid Reaction, Swift Communication
  • Detects two persons wearing bands within 6 feet**

  • Wrist bands will “vibrate & show alert display”

  • Vibration and alerts continue until safe distance has been observed

  • All alerts logged in device

  • Contact info includes name, time of contact, duration of interaction, and distance

  • Upon positive confirmation from a healthcare professional

  • Extract data for last 10 days to report contact tracing

  • Bands, when paired to a phone, also track longitude and latitude for contact tracing

  • Longitude and latitude can be utilized even if all persons are not wearing a band

  • User based security to ensure controlled access to data

**Social distancing violation alerts can’t be utilized when all persons are not wearing a band
*UST Global wellness devices are not medical devices and should not be used as a diagnostic tool

UST Touchless Scanner

Rapid Reaction, Swift Communication
  • Detect body temperature in < 1="">

  • CE (Europe) & FCC (US) Certified

  • Give clear alerts, using LED lights and/or sound

  • Self install in 5 mins

  • No touch = no contamination

  • Elimination of manual error prone processes

  • GDPR / Data Privacy compliant

  • Supports 19 languages

Solutions Operationalized to Enable Focus on Learning, Coaching and Mentoring

School in Session

  • Walk through scanners

  • Health screening for students and staff

  • Wellness alerts

  • Dashboard review

  • Contact tracing

  • Social distancing alerts

Athletics in session

  • Walk through scanners

  • Health screening for visiting athletes and spectators

  • Wellness alerts

  • Dashboard review

  • Contact tracing

  • Social distancing alerts

Home for Break

  • Wellness alerts

  • Health screening for students and staff

  • Dashboard review

  • Contact tracing

Complete Solution to Meet all Challenges

Proactive Risk Assessment

  • Keep at risk at home

  • Keep symptomatic people at home

  • Digital questionnaires to identity those who should stay home

  • Inform immediately if can participate or should plan for virtual learning/activity based on

  • CDC guidelines

  • Assessment can be given as often as needed

Zero-touch Temperature Kiosk

  • Eliminate entry of potential fever at all entrance points and isolate for further evaluation

  • No touch = no contamination

  • Elimination of manual error prone processes

  • Temperature alert scanning equipment is set up at predefined entrance points

  • Anyone entering the school, facility or building without an active temperature band enters only at the predefined entrance points

  • Scanners use touchless technology to determine body temperature

  • People with temperatures outside of the threshold are routed for additional screening (CDC guideline is 100.4 degrees)

Wellness* Wearable

  • Identify potential spikes in temperature real time for immediate isolation and further evaluation

  • De-identified secured data

  • Fitness tracker for athletics

  • Employees, security guards, students, faculty and bus drivers all wear a wellness wrist band

  • Wellness bands are worn continuously 24/7

  • Alerts are sent to the administrator via the dashboard

  • Enforce social distancing real time

  • Contact tracing reporting using band to band technology and geo location

  • Alert system indicates potential spikes in temperature during school or business hours to

  • enable quick isolation and further evaluation

Monitoring Alerts Dashboard and Analytics

  • Visibility

  • Enable informed decision making

  • Track contact tracing

  • De-identified secured data

  • View and react to wellness and questionnaire alerts by classroom, bus route, neighborhood, shopping mall, restaurant, school, district, etc.

  • In coordination with Public Health officials, data can be used to identify potential hot spot areas and make decisions regarding school openings, closures, isolation areas, shelter in place or virtual classroom days

  • GPS tracking from the bracelets can be used for contact tracing

  • Contact tracing reports and social distancing violations data

*UST Global wellness devices are not medical devices and should not be used as a diagnostic tool

Additional Solutions to Mitigate Risk and Allow for Business Continuity

Health and Wellness
  • Health assessment questionnaire

  • No touch vitals/temperature

  • Wearables for temperature

  • Voice biomarkers

  • Air Quality

  • Vaccination Uptake*

Virtual care
  • Triage and diagnostics

  • Telemedicine

  • Conversational AI

  • Tablets/user devices

  • Mental Health

Remote workforce
  • Network optimization

  • Secure VPN

  • Activity tracking

  • Cybersecurity

Analytics & Availability Data to Action
  • Risk identification management

  • Document actions taken

  • Contact tracing

  • Operational dashboard and alerts

  • Secure data storage and retrieval

Real time tracking
  • Test Results*

  • Supply tracking

  • Sanitation and disinfect tracking

  • Alerts and tracking of incorrect or non-use of PPE

  • Visitor tracking

  • Activity based alerts

Inventory Industry Agnostic
  • PPE inventory tracking

  • Ventilator availability

  • Hospital bed capacity and utilization (ER, Surgical, ICU etc.)

*All our products are for non-medical use only. Any device or software is intended for general well-being purposes or to encourage or maintain a healthy lifestyle, and are NOT intended to be used for any medical purposes (such as detection, diagnosis, monitoring, management or treatment of any medical condition or disease) or for any emergency purposes or distress situations where there may be a threat to life, liberty or safety of a person. Any health-related information provided by any device or software should not be treated as a medical advice. Please consult a physician/doctor for any medical advice required.

Thank You

Denise Kirkland, Founder, 609.472.0375,
Cleosie Kirkland, Founder, 610.585.3153,
Connie, O’Brien, Senior Director, Healthcare
Hamid Mahmood, Healthcare Innovation and Transformation,

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Standard Medical Equipment Systems, LLC – DBA, (“Standard Med” ) is a certified minority (MBE) Veteran (SDVOSB) owned company, certified by the Center for Veteran Enterprises, (CVE).— Standard Med was established by Anthony B. Goodesmith, in the year 2005, to deliver high quality medical devices and laboratory equipment. Mr. Goodesmith served as a highly decorated combat signaler/communications officer in the U.S. Army and New Jersey National Guard for over 18 years. His units took part in Operation Desert Storm, and several other military campaigns after the 9/11 U.S. Terror Attacks (Operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle). He received his B.S. in Marketing and Media Arts from Long Island University, NY, and his Master’s degree in Biotechnology Management from The University of Maryland University College (UMUC).Mr. Goodesmith has been working in the health care, medical industry in sales and management for over 20 years at several Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Such as Eli Lilly & Company, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca, Inc., Roche Laboratories, Inc. and now Standard Medical Systems, LLC. He has received the Elite Salesman Award, President’s Award, U.S. Congressional VIP Citation, and achieved #1 status in selling various pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices throughout his career. Mr. Goodesmith shares his tremendous expertise as a staff writer for the DC Health-Technology Examiner, based on his exceptional knowledge about the epidemiology of health-related issues and via medical device, regenerative, biological solutions. You may reach Mr. Goodesmith at his corporate email address: We pride ourselves on our distinct array of medical devices and diagnostic equipment we offer to the healthcare community, which delivers the highest quality control, safety and efficacy with the latest breakthroughs in medical technology.

Our ultimate aim is to work daily with the sole purpose of raising the standards of healthcare delivery for all people.
We are part of the health care technology industry. Our target market is the US Federal Government, VAMC’s, DOD, State and local municipal agencies, and the overall wholesale/retail healthcare consumer market. Our primary products are diagnostic medical devices, to include durable medical equipment, regenerative medicine, and surgical implants/ wound care products. Important characteristics of these products are to aid in the diagnosis and to facilitate treatment of particular disease states and physical ailments of various types. Our products differ from our competitors, in that we offer state of the art cutting edge medical devices, diagnostics and supplies in an underserved and specialized market population.


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